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Amanda Brooks Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Fifth Grade Language Arts, Fifth Grade Math, Fifth Grade Reading, Fifth Grade Science, Fifth Grade Social Studies, Fifth Grade Spelling


I attended Dyersburg State Community College and received my Associate's degree in Elementary Education. After Dyersburg State, I attended University of Memphis and graduated with my Bachelor's in Elementary Education in 2008.  In 2010, I decided in my second year of teaching to further my education, and in 2012 obtained a Master's in Education through William Woods University.


I have been in education since my junior year at Dyer County High School.  My very first job was as a tutor for the Dyer County After School Program.  I worked daily in the after school program until I became a full time student at Dyersburg State. Even throughout college I stayed in the classroom and substitute taught any days, or half days, my college schedule would allow. I am now happily in my seventh year of teaching fifth grade at Finley Elementary.  


I have lived in Dyersburg my entire life, but Finley played a huge roll in my childhood.  My grandparents lived in Finley, so many happy days and nights were spent less than a mile from Finley School.  I absolutely love my job, fellow teachers, and my students above all else.  Since I do not have children of my own, they are my babies.  Fifth grade can be a challenging year, but I find at the end of each year I have developed wonderful, life long relationships with my students and parents.  Teaching isn't just a job for me, but a passion.  I have a real desire to see students succeed and reach their highest potential in life.  I firmly believe elementary school plays a huge role in a student's future.  It is here that students decide if they love or hate school. My desire is for them to love it enough to continue their education.