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Mentoring Program

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Mentoring Program

We are always looking for a few good men and women for our Lunch Buddy Mentoring Program. Mentors are incredibly valuable in developing character and confidence in students. Statistics show these students tend to do better in and out of the classroom. The program is in need of both men and women to make the difference in the lives of children. The program is geared toward helping young students discover their potential and it is exactly like the name says it is, "Lunch Buddies." We try to match the personalities of the mentors with the students and after they are matched up, the two go to lunch in the cafeteria on the student's lunch break. The two meet only in the lunchroom and have all lunch period to talk and become friends. If you are interested in volunteering for the Lunch Buddy program, contact Dyer County Family Resource Center Director Lisa Reynolds Traverse at 731-286-0860. Mentors are asked to visit with their lunch buddy for lunch at least once a week.